Beta Agonist ELISARequest IFU for Beta Agonist


96T Competitive Enzyme immunoassay.

Product Code
BXEFT05A 96 tests

Assay Principle
Competitive Enzyme immunoassay.

Total Assay time
80 minutes

Liver, Muscle, Urine, Feed.

Sensitivity (cut off)

Sample Sensitivity (cut off)
Urine 3.7 ppb
Liver 0.3 ppb
Muscle 0.092 ppb
Feed 3.7 ppb


Sample Specificity
Clenbuterol 100%
Cimbuterol 96%
Salbutamol 80%
Bromobuterol 77%
Mabuterol 55%
Carbuterol 55%
Clenpenterol 55%
Mapenterol 45%
Clenproperol 3 5%
Terbutaline 30%
Cimaterol 11%
Fenoterol < 0.1%
Mabuterol < 0.1%
Ractopamine < 0.1%
Isoxsuprine 55%

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Beta Agonist ELISA kit

Beta agonists are growth hormones used in cattle and swine production. When animals consume feed, they partition the extra energy into fat cells. When cattle and swine are given beta agonists, they partition the extra energy into muscle instead of fat. Beta agonists are a bronchodilator medicine that opens the airways by relaxing the muscles around the airways that may tighten during an asthma attack or in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Beta-agonists can be administered by inhalers or orally. Beta-agonists promote heavier, leaner carcasses, providing less expensive meat and healthier choices. The side effects of beta agonists include anxiety, tremor, palpitations or fast heart rate, and low blood potassium.


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2. Facts about Beef (Having Agony Over the Agonists? Perspective from a Former USDA Food Safety Official

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