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Size and Principle
96T Competitive Enzyme immunoassay

Total Assay time
90 mins


Sensitivity (cut off)
AOZ (100%)

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Nitrofurans are synthetic chemotherapeutic agents with a broad antimicrobial spectrum; they are active against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Because of very slight water solubility, the nitrofurans are used either PO or topically. No nitrofuran is effective systemically. They are either not absorbed at all from the GI tract or are so rapidly eliminated that they reach inhibitory concentrations only in the urine. In 1991, FDA withdrew several approved food animal nitrofuran products because of our concerns regarding their carcinogenicity. Nitrofuran residues have been detected in a range of food products including Pork, lamb, beef, dairy, chicken, duck turkey fish and shrimp.


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Imports Alert 16-129

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