Suzanne Ramage, who is working with Biorex Food Diagnostics on her placement year has recently entered the World Skills UK awards. The World Skills UK designs and runs skills competitions to accelerate young people’s development. Assessing apprentices’ and students’ practical skills, knowledge and employability attributes in competitive timed conditions, WorldSkills UK Competitions are proven to help young people go further, faster in their training and careers. Competitors are challenged to perform to exceptionally high standards, bringing back their hard-won know-how to directly benefit their employers, peers, training providers and colleges.

Suzanne entered the Engineering and Technology section of the awards, more specifically, Laboratory Technician. This competition has been designed to reflect the role of a Laboratory Technician in Science Professional Sectors. The competition tests practical and analytical skills and participants can demonstrate their good laboratory working practice, including safe handling of chemicals, competent operation of instruments,following protocols and analysing results. Considerations of hazards, risk management and excellence of housekeeping are all part of the testing.

Participants in the competition get the chance to have their skills recognised, improve their skills from their own reflection and feedback by national experts on their performance and showcase their profession to young learners.

Suzanne proved her skills and knowledge to win the NI heat which moved her onto the next stage, the UK heat. Here she competed against 8 other applicants and achieved 3rd place. Due to Suzanne’s success in this stage, she has now been invited to compete in the EU finals. This is an excellent achievement and we wish her all the best in the finals!