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Customer Recommendation: MEDAS, S.R.O, a Slovak based Honey Company.

Operating in the most productive and ecologically clean areas of Slovakia, MEDAS S.R.O, has grown to be one of the leading producers and exporters of natural bee products in Europe.
The production, purchase and export of natural bee honey are the main activities of the company. Most of the honey (about 70%) is exported outside Slovakia. The main company emphasis is placed on the quality of their honey products, which are regularly checked by a fully equipped in house laboratory. MEDAS ensure that all their processing and storage facilities meet the demanding international veterinary and hygienic regulations.

Recently the company approached Biorex Food Diagnostics as they wanted to make their laboratory testing process more effective. Ms Eva Olšanská, Laboratory Manager, stated “Due to variability in sample numbers, our previous test format was not cost effective. Biorex Food Diagnostic ELISA tests allows us more flexibility; we can assess our honey either for a specific drug of interest or choose our own range of antibiotics test rather than a fixed platform of drugs”

MEDAS S.R.O strives continuously in the improvement of the quality of their products and services, with the highest priority being customer satisfaction. Ms Jana Marová, Laboratory Scientist, noted “Biorex Food Diagnostic tests require easy to use technology and their products have simplified our laboratory analysis while still providing low detection limits that meet the regulatory requirements.”

Biorex Food Diagnostics continues to work with MEDAS S.R.O to help and support them in their goal to offer their customers a first-rate product that preserves all natural qualities, natural values and important substances.

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