Samples – Honey

Assay Time – 75mins

Limit of detection in Honey – 3ppb

Specificity –

Sulfamethazine                  100             Sulfapyridazine           >100

Sulfamethizole                  >100            Sulfathiazole                >100

Sulfaquinoxaline              >100            Sulfamethoxazole            92

Sulfadiazine                       >100           Sulfisoxazole                     55

Sulfamerazine                   >100           Sulfapyridine                    34

Sulfamonomethoxine      >100


Biorex Food Diagnostics release a Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the determination of multiple sulphonamides compounds in honey samples.

  • Eleven Sulfonamide compounds detected in a single test
  • Twenty honey sample prepared in one hour
  • Reagents are Ready-to-Use
  • Acidic hydrolysis preparation ensures no PABA interference
  • Low Limit of Detection

Sulfonamides are a group of synthetic organic compounds that have played an important role as effective chemo-therapeutics in bacterial and protozoal infections in veterinary medicine.

In the EU, Canada and USA the limit has been set for the total sulfonamide concentration should be less than 100ppb in edible tissues. The Community Reference Laboratory in the EU has established a guidance sulfonamide concentration of 50ppb in honey samples.

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