This week a shipment of roasted pistachios originating from Turkey was rejected at the French border after testing positive for the mycotoxin known as Aflatoxin B1.

Mycotoxins are a naturally occurring toxin compound produced by certain moulds. These moulds grow on a variety of feed and cereal products and can occur before/after harvest or during storage, often in damp or humid conditions.

Aflatoxins are a type of mycotoxin that can contaminate food/feed crops and pose health risks to humans and livestock. Frequently affected crops include; pistachios, almonds, corn, wheat, rice and a variety of spices. Aflatoxins can also be found in milk in the form of Aflatoxin m1, in these cases animals have consumed feed contaminated with Aflatoxin B1 and this has transferred through the food chain and into Aflatoxin M1 in the milk produced. If humans or animals consume large quantities of feed based product contaminated with aflatoxins this can lead to aflatoxicosis poisoning. This usually damages the liver and in some cases causing liver cancer.

Feed contaminated with aflatoxins not only poses a risk to human and animal health, but also an economic burden. It is estimated that aflatoxins cause 25% or more of the world’s food crops to be destroyed each year (World Health Organisation).

Biorex Food Diagnostics have developed a range of Mycotoxin ELISA’s for the detection of mycotoxins in feed and cereal products, including Aflatoxin B1. The Aflatoxin B1 ELISA delivers results in 15 minutes and can be used for testing; cereals, feed, nuts and dried fruit. Biorex Food also have a Total Aflatoxin ELISA kit available, testing for Aflatoxin B1, B 2, G1 and G2. This ELISA delivers a comprehensive test for the detection of Aflatoxins in cereal/grains and nuts.

Routine testing for mycotoxins helps ensure the safe supply of food and feed products globally and protects humans and livestock from consuming poisoned substances.

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