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Competitive Enzyme immunoassay

Product Code
SE1-EK-96    96 tests
SE1-EK-48    48 tests

Total Assay time
30 minutes


Incubation Times:
10-minute steps for extraction, sample incubation, conjugate incubation, substrate incubation.

Limit of Detection:
0.3 ppm

Range of Quantification:
1 to 40 ppm

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Sesame Seed Allergen ELISA kit

BioFront Technologies has developed the first comprehensive line of monoclonal antibody-based ELISA assay kits (MonoTrace ELISAs) for the detection of food allergen contamination in various food samples and environmental surfaces. The MonoTrace Sesame ELISA incorporates the use of a precisely defined set of handpicked monoclonal antibodies selected after a rigorous screening process for their ability to:
Target a highly stable Mustard allergen resistant to food processing effects
Recognize a carefully selected target protein to eliminate cross-reactivity and reduce the possibility of ‘false positive’ results
Perform well in a wide variety of food products with negligible food matrix interference


At concentrations as high as 100,000 ppm, no cross-reactivity was observed in a large panel of assayed samples, including: walnut, hazelnut, pecan, peanut, pistachio, cashew, pecan, macadamia nut, Brazil nut, almond, and pine nut.


Recovery of spiked almond samples at various concentrations was efficient (>90%) when the following food matrices were assayed: chocolate, cereals, ice cream, cake, and cookies.

Sesame Seed Allergen ELISA kit