Lupin (e) Allergen ELISA kitrequest-ifu

Competitive Enzyme immunoassay

Product Code
LU2-EK-96    96 tests
LU2-EK-48    48 tests

Total Assay time
30 minutes


Incubation Times:
10-minute steps for extraction, sample incubation, conjugate incubation, substrate incubation

Limit of Detection:
0.16 ppm

Range of Quantification:
Range of Quantification: 1 to 40 ppm

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Lupin (e) Allergen ELISA kit

Lupin (lupine), a legume belonging to the same plant family as peanuts, can serve as a rich source of protein and is being increasingly used in bakery, confectionery, snacks and pastry products around the world due to its multifunctionality. The popularity of lupin as a food ingredient has experienced rapid grow due, in part, to its use as a substitute for gluten-containing flours in gluten-free products. In Europe, where lupin has long been widely used in food products, there has been mandatory allergen labeling for food products containing lupin since 2007 and, in 2016, the Food Standards agency for Australia and New Zealand announced that they were “assessing if lupin should be regulated as food allergen.” This ELISA kit is best-in-class for lupin detection in foods and beverages and on surfaces.

Lupin (e) Allergen ELISA kit