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Competitive Enzyme immunoassay

Product Code
GLU-EK-96    96 tests
GLU-EK-48    48 tests

Total Assay time
30 Minutes


Incubation Times:
10-minute steps for sample incubation, conjugate incubation, and substrate incubation.

Limit of Detection:
0.36 ppm gluten (0.18 ppm gliadin)

Range of Quantification:
2-100 ppm gluten (1-50 ppm gliadin)

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Gluten Allergen ELISA kit

Monoclonal antibodies: The MonoTrace Gluten ELISA is the first assay to incorporate the use of two new gliadin-specific monoclonal antibodies, clones 13F6 and 14F11.

Extraction: For use in detecting and accurately quantifying gluten contamination within raw food ingredients and processed foods. Extraction (1 hour at 60oC) from a variety of commercial and in-house incurred samples utilizes a new non-toxic extraction buffer, the MonoTrace Gluten Extraction Buffer (MGEB).

Recovery: Recovery from various food matrices and ingredients (n=18) was analyzed using in-house incurred cornbread samples, gluten-free (GF) commercial products and ingredients, as wells as quality control and reference materials sourced from the Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme (FAPAS) division of the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA). Recovery of gluten from in-house gluten-incurred cornbread and gluten-spiked commercial food matrices was >75%.

Cross-reactivity: Cross-reactivity was tested using a large panel of GF and non-GF-labeled commercial samples from various vendors (n=126). No cross-reactivity was observed in any of the tree nuts, legumes, seeds, meats or spice samples tested. Wheat, rye and barley flours were highly CR. The assay exhibits little to no cross-reactivity to several oat cultivars (n=5).

Gluten Allergen ELISA kit